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Crystals Laser Crystals Nd:YAG

Nd:YAG(Neodimium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) has been widely used laser crystal for solid-state laser. Its laser parameters are a good compromise between the strengths and weaknesses of its competition. Nd:YAG crystals are used in all types of solid-state lasers systems-frequency-doubled continuous wave, high-energy Q-switched , etc.. Compared with others laser crystals, its fluorescence lifetime is twice more than Nd:YVO4, and thermal conductivity is also better.

High Gain, Low Threshold, High Efficiency,

Low Loss at 1.06 mm, High Optical Quality,

Good Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Due to the cubic symmetry and high quality, Nd:YAG is easy to operate with TEM00 mode

Basic Properties:

Please view Laser crysals physical Properities (dpf format)

The Sellmeier equations (l in µm for YAG):

n ^2 = 2.08745 + 1.2081 l ^2 /(l^ 2 - 0.02119 )+ 17.2049 l ^2 /(l ^2 - 1404.45 )

Optical and Spectral Properties

Please view Laser crysals optical and Spectral Properities (dpf format)


Nd:YAG can produce blue laser with the frequency-doubling of 946nm

Nd:YAG can be operated in a very high power laser up to kw level at 1064nm

Nd:YAG can be Q-switched with Cr4+YAG directly

Nd:YAG can be used for high power green laser for SHG@1064nm

Nd:YAG’s Specifications:


0.2%~ 2.5%


<111> crystalline direction

Wavefront distortion:

l/8 per inch @ 633 nm

Extinction Ratio:


Dimension Tolerances

Dia.: +/-0.025 mm , Length: +/-0.5 mm

Surface quality:

10/5 Scratch / Digper MIL-O-1380A


< 10 arc seconds


< 5 arc minutes

Clear Aperture:



<l/10 @ 633 nm


<0.1 mm @ 45deg.

Barrel Finish:

50-80 micro-inch (RMS) ,

Anti-Reflection Coating:

R < 0.20% @ 1064 nm per surface. Damage threshold over 1GW/cm2@ 1064nm, 10 ns and 10 HZ.

High-Reflection Coating:

Standard HR coating with R>99.8% @ 1064nm and R<5% @ 808nm

Note: The other specification and dimension is available too.

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