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Crystals Laser Crystals Ti : Sapphire

NTitanium-doped sapphire (Ti:sapphire) crystals combine supreme physical and optical properties with broadest lasing range. It's indefinitely long stability and useful lifetime added to the lasing over entire band of 660-1050 nm challenge "dirty" dyes in variety of applications. Medical laser systems, lidars, laser spectroscopy, direct femtosecond pulse generation by Kerr-type mode-locking - there are few of existing and potential applications
The absorption band of Ti:Sapphire centered at 490 nm makes it suitable for variety of laser pump sources - argon ion, frequency doubled Nd:YAG and YLF, copper vapour lasers. Because of 3.2 µs fluorescence lifetime Ti:Sapphire crystals can be effectively pumped by short pulse flashlamps in powerful laser systems.

CLaser supply thye high quality Ti:Sapphire and we can test them ion our laser system before ship out and we can sure the quality.

Basic Properties:

Please view Laser crysals physical Properities (dpf format)

Optical and Spectral Properties

Please view Laser crysals optical and Spectral Properities (dpf format)

Ti:Sapphire’s specifications:


Optical axis C normal to rod axis

Ti2O3 concentration:

0.06 - 0.5wt %

Figure Of Merit:


End configurations:

Flat/Flat or Brewster/Brewster ends


l /10 @ 633 nm


10 arc sec

Surface finishing:

10/5 scratch/dig to MIL-O-13830A

Wavefront distortion:

l /4 per inch

Note: AR Coating is available on request

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