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Crystals Q-Switch LiNbO3

Crystal Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) has higher transmission, and high contrast ratio at average powers in the KW range. Applications that utilize the large electro-optic coefficients of lithium niobate are optical modulation and Q-switching of infrared wavelengths. Because the crystal is nonhygroscopic and has a low half-wave voltage, it is often the material of choice for Q-switches in military applications. The crystal can be operated in a Q-switch configuration with zero residual birefringence and with an electric field that is transverse to the direction of light propagation. Because piezoelectric ringing can be severe, piezoelectrically damped designs can be very useful. The light propagates in z-axis and electric field applies to x-axis, the refractive retardation will be G = pLnr22V/ld.

Low cost

Low Half-Voltage

High Extinction and Contrast Ratio

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Please view E-O crysals physical Properities (dpf format)

The Sellmeier equations (l in µm ):

no2 = 4.9048 + 0.11768/(l 2-0.04750)-0.027169l 2
ne2 = 4.5820 + 0.099169/(
l 2-0.04443)-0.021950l 2

Optical and Spectral Properties:

Please view E-O crysals optical and electric-optical Properities (dpf format)

Standard Specifications:

Standard Dimension 9x9x25mmmm

Dimension tolerance:


Flatness: <l/8 @633nm
Surface quality: Scratch/Dig 10/5
Parallelism: better than 20 arc sec.
Perpendicularity: better than 15 arc min
Angle tolerance: q < 0.2°, △f < 0.2°
AR coating: AR coatings
Clear aperture: >90% central area
Transmitting wavefront distortion: less than l/8 @ 633nm

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