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KD*P is routinely used for Q-switching applications from the uv out to about 1.1 µm where absorption limits its use in active cavities, although it can be useful at longer wavelengths when a few percent of absorption can be tolerated

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KD*P Pockel cell Standard Specifications:

Deuteration Level: >98%
Windows AR coating: R< 0.1% at 1064nm
Repetition Ratio <100HZ
Aperture Diameter 9.5 mm
Quarter-Wave Voltage <3.6KV @1064nm
Intrinsic Contrast
@ 1064 nm
> 1000 : 1
Optical Transmission > 92 % T
Damage Threshold*
(Nanosecond Pulses)
> 1GW / cm2
Damage Threshold*
(cw Power)
> 5 kW / cm2
Wavefront Distortion
@ 1064 nm
< l/4
Electrical Contacts two, electrically floating, miniature banana plugs
Typical Capacitance 7~10pF @ 1kHz
Outline Dimensions 1" Diameter x 2" Long Cylinder

Note:Quality Warranty Period: 1000 hours under proper use


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