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Optics Filter Broadband Filter

Interference filters are commonly used as wavelength selectors in a variety of quantitative chemical assays.


80nm and 50nm FWHM
VIS and Near IR (LED)
Three Cavity Design
Multi-Layer Dielectric


clinical chemistry,
water analysis,
quality control
laboratory colorimeters.
select discrete spectral lines
isolate a particular spectral lines



Dimensions : 10mm, 12.7mm ±0.15mm
Clear Apeature: >80%

Operating Temp. Range

-50°C to +75°C

Angle Sensitivity

Intended for collimated input


<=0.1%, X-ray to 1.2µ

Central Wavelength (CWL) Tolerance

±15nm (400-700nm), ±10nm (880-950nm)

Full Width-Half Maximum (FWHM)

80nm ±25nm and 50nm ±15nm

Peak Transmittance (min.)

60% (450-700nm), 55% (400, 880-950nm)


0.18" (400-700nm), 0.20" (880-950nm)

Thickness Tolerance


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