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Optics Filter Laser Line Interference Filter 

Laser line filters are narrow bandpass filters centered on the resonance of the laser, which attenuate the background plasma and secondary emissions that often result in erroneous signals.


diode lasers , LEDs ,Instruments


  • high transit efficiency to 70%
  • low wavelength shift to 1nm
  • low scratch loss
  • optical performence stable


Substrate BK7
Dimensions 10mm, 12.7+0/-0.2mm diameter, 3 ± 0.2mm thickness
Center Wavelength ± 1nm
Transmission >90% (>85% for #47-539, >80% for #47-612))
Blocking OD > 5.0 Range except l ±1.0%
Angle of Incidence 0.0 ± 2.0°
Beam Deviation <11 arc sec.
Transmitted Wavefront 1/4 wave RMS @ 633nm
Surface Quality 60-40
Coating "Hard" Ion-beam sputtered
Temperature Dependence <5ppm/°C
Environmental Durability MIL-STD-810F
Physical Durability MIL-C-48497A

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